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And hey, if Simpaw Life provides me a reasonable income, I may be able to dedicate more time to it and release new comics more frequently!

A great way to help Simpaw Life is through Patreon, which is a subscription service. As a reward, I post exclusively for patrons early sketches, the 3D scenes I use as base, and other things related to the making of the comic. They will also see new comics one week before I post them here and in other social media!
The second tier patrons will also have their names listed in the "Supporters" section here in the site in all comics that get released during the months they have an active subscription!
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I also accept crypto as donation! It makes sense to use dog-themed coins to support a dog-themed webcomic, after all. I do accept other crypto like Bitcoin and Ravencoins, though. If you want to support Simpaw Life with a different coin than the ones listed here, let me know!

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I will also consider creating merchandise if Simpaw Life gets a large enough public. That way you'll be able to help, and also get some awesome items! So tell your friends about Simpaw Life to make it happen!